Maritime, air and land shipping to any destinations.

De Rosa Logistics Italy Srl works with leading forwarding companies on a basis of mutual trust, thus ensuring high standards of service are upheld with seriousness and professionalism.

Transportation options are agreed with the customer, simplifying all procedures. The services offered are:

  • Positioning of box, open top, high cube, low profile pallet, reefer and flat rack containers
  • Emptying and filling containers with goods storage
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo insurance
  • Advice and assistance concerning customs legislation: commodities, foreign exchange and taxation

* For all traffic to and from the US and China, De Rosa Logistics Italy Srl makes use of offices and agents on site.

Sea shipments

Competitive rates to all destinations thanks to our thirty-year relationship of trust established over the years with the best shipping companies. Japan, Vietnam, Korea, USA, Canada, China, UK, Northern Europe, India, the UAE, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Libya, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Australia are just some of the major commercial ports

Air shipments

Air shipments are carried out through partnerships with companies operating in the main Italian airports. A service that allows you to reach any destination at competitive rates.

Land transport

Working with major transport companies, we ensure fast and convenient transit times for land shipments to Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium
*Articulated trucks 13.60 m and trucks 8 m.

Customs procedures

Our solid experience in the field of organisation and dispatch management is combined with completion of customs formalities in accordance with customs legislation.

The fulfillment service includes:
Health, phyto-sanitary and veterinary checks (directly in the ports of Naples, Salerno and Nola Interport).

Special Equipment e Merci Bulk

La De Rosa Logistics Italy Srl ha la soluzione adatta al trasporto di varie tipologie di merci, comprese le merci bulk o “alla rinfusa”. Si tratta di merci non confezionate, che per le loro caratteristiche non sono adattabili ai contenitori standard e necessitano di altre particolari soluzioni.

Per i carichi eccezionali, ovvero quei carichi troppo grandi per poter essere adattati ai container standard da 20 piedi, 40 piedi e 40 piedi high cube, il trasporto verrà organizzato mediante l’utilizzo di piattaforme, contenitori flat rack o container open top certificati. Nel rispetto di tutte le procedure di sicurezza.

Su richiesta, la De Rosa Logistics Italy Srl potrà curare il trasporto in bulk mediante navi dedicate alle merci sfuse, qualunque sia la loro natura (vetro, cereali, blocchi di marmo, ecc.).